Tuesday, November 10, 2009

8 Reasons Why Notre Dame and Brian Kelly are a Match Made in Heaven

1. He knows how to sell a program-
Kelly was disappointed with local media's lack of interest in UC football, so he refused to answer the questions of a local freelance reporter. This sparked interest (obviously) and proved just how smart BK is when it comes to making a football program a hot topic.

2. It's his dream job! (According to rumors...)-
Okay, so it's been said about almost every head coach available, but is ND Kelly's dream job? I never found the exact words in any quotes from him, but we could stretch it and say that Notre Dame has all of the things BK wants: an indoor practice facility, more seating capacity in the stadium, etc.

3. ND fans love offense-
Irish fans got spoiled when Brady Quinn and Co. brought their team's passing game to a whole other level. Now they drool just thinking of Jimmy Clausen throwing to Golden Tate and Michael Floyd. Kelly is no stranger to having teams with stellar passing attacks. And hey, offense does sell tickets...

BK was a defensive coordinator at Grand Valley State before he became the head coach in 1991. He may be an offensive genius now, but he used to call defensive plays for a reason. After last season and a run to the Fed Ex Orange Bowl, BK had to replace 10 defensive starters for this season. Those replacements are all overachievers. He makes good hiring decisions and leaves his 'D' in capable hands. Notre Dame needs a coach like this.

5. He has the perfect personality to survive a job in South Bend-
Notre Dame coaches are some of the most scrutinized and second-guessed coaches in the country... by their own fan base. With great tradition comes great expectations, and Irish nation is demanding. But BK is a man on a mission when he coaches. The "Notre Dame Head Coach Mystique" would not phase him.

6. He has a track record of quick success-
Speaking of Notre Dame coaches being under constant scrutiny, everyone knows that Irish nation is not only demanding, but impatient as well. Again, its not so bad to expect greatness. They want national titles, and they want them NOW. Kelly is a man who is capable of finding success quickly: he took a Central Michigan team with little talent and lead them to a MAC championship in just his third season as head coach.

7. He is an excellent recruiter-
BK takes what is mostly local talent and no true "big name" recruits and still produces good teams. He knows how to spot athletes that can do what he needs them to do. Now imagine what his teams would play like if he could recruit all over the nation for "big name" talent, getting whatever athletes he wants to run his offense. That is what the name "Notre Dame" allows.

8. He is an Irish Catholic
This is pretty self explanatory for people who know anything about the University of Notre Dame. For those of you who don't know: to put it simply, he would be a perfect fit.

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